The Yale Undergraduate Research Association Presents The

Yale Undergraduate
Research Symposium

Fall 2020

YURS Fall 2020 has concluded!

Thank you to presenters and congratulations to prize winners!

Basic Sciences
1st - Anna Sun (’21)
2nd - Carli Roush (’22)

Social Sciences
1st - Ellie Gabriel ('22)
2nd - Eric Liu ('22)

Applied Sciences
1st - Marley Macarewich (’22)
2nd - Alex Cohen (’21)

1st - Kate Kushner ('21)
2nd - Rebecca Amonor ('21)

People's Choice Award
Rebecca Amonor ('21)

It has been a pleasure putting this together; thank you to judges, presnters, and attendees for making YURS a success. We look forward to YURS Spring 2021.

Varun Kumar & Joe Allen
YURS Co-chairs 2020-21

Sophie Edelstein, Hailey Edelman,
Deborah Arul, Ruchi Agashe, Noma Imudia
YURS Board 2020-21

Mehdi Baqri and Sami Elrazky
YURA President and VP 2020-21

The Yale Undergraduate Research Association is grateful for the sponsors that made YURS 2020 possible:
Yale Science & Engineering Association
Yale Departments of:
Film and Media Studies
History of Science and Medicine